Welcome To Sky Lighting

Sky Lighting is a leading organisation involved in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining aircraft warning lights/obstruction lights for high rise structures.

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At Sky Lighting, we specialise in producing long-lasting LED aircraft obstruction lights with cutting edge technology in the ranges of low intensity and medium intensity lights, in line with the Civil / Federal Aviation Authority requirements I.C.A.O. Annex 14.

As no two lighting requirements or installations are the same, Sky Lighting offers a full range of pre, during and after sales service, including design and layout of lighting, cable runs, special product design and testing.

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Sky Lighting works closely with the Civil Aviation Authority to ascertain what requirements are needed for each individual structure, thus ensuring that the client has been specified with the most up-to-date system that is available.

Services Offered Include:

  • Design, supply and installation
  • Low, Medium and High Intensity Lights
  • Complete package systems
  • Tower Floodlighting
  • Individually designed systems
  • Full Testing and Inspection facilities
  • Quality engineered systems
  • Specialised teams for maintenance and installation
  • Products / Spares available
  • All lights refurbished


At Sky Lighting we undertake a wide range of installation projects, on chimneys, TV and radio masts, communication towers and other high-rise buildings. Every structure offers a unique challenge and we are particularly aware that they require careful consideration and treatment on an individual basis. Working safely and effectively in high or inaccessible places requires exceptional skill and experience; more importantly, it requires the ability to approach any given project strategically, identifying problems, working out solutions, and carrying out high quality works which accord with demanding time constraints and budgetary parameters.

All our services are supported by the skills of in-house engineers who plan each project in meticulous detail before works are commenced. Every project is designed to accord with the highest levels of safety and quality, whilst achieving your aims swiftly and cost-effectively. We are confident that the combined experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of the personnel within our organisation is your assurance of total satisfaction.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please contact us.